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Steve Bannon with Sebastian Gorka: Joe Biden Will Be Impeached and the 2020 Election Results in Wisconsin and Arizona Will Be Decertified

Steve Bannon from the War Room was on with Sebastian Gorka to discuss current events and far left’s efforts that are working against them. 

This was an excellent interview and discussion between the two MAGA warriors.

Gorka shared at one point in the discussion:

I thought about it for a second Steve and I thought, yeah exciting I like that (about GOP committees after the 2022 election), and then I thought I don’t give a damn. I couldn’t care less. I’m not interested in Congressional subpoenas, or concept of Congress, I want people charged for crimes. If you look at the border, if you look at Mayorkas, if you look at fentanyl, I want people charged for complicity for aiding and abetting the cartels. I want people in the brig.

As a former officer of the US Navy, the fact that now one has been fired, let alone resigned, or been put in the brig for Afghanistan…Is it enough to say, oh let Congress do their work?  Oh, we’ll have another IG report.  Aren’t we beyond Congressional subpoenas and IG reports?

Bannon responded on this and sharing Biden’s going to be impeached, then shared:

Two things are going to happen. Number one, we are going to decertify those electors in Wisconsin and Arizona. We’re going to do that in a formal legal process.

Then the impeachment will start.  Below is the video of this excellent discussion.

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