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Why you should buy physical gold?

Are you watching what’s happening in the world today?

Global Pandemic

dramatic stock market volatility

Trade wars with China

U.S National debt piling up

The proxy war in Ukraine

The fed printed 70% of all money in the past 2 years

World economies are poised for a major freefall. In 2008 many Americans lost a large portion of their retirement savings. Fortunately, those who were protected invested in physical gold and silver. Historically when the stock market crashed, Gold and Silver increased in value and protected investors from crippling losses. YOu see, gold and silver can act as an insurance policy. For decades savvy investors have taken advantage of an IRS loophole allowing one to add physical gold, silver, or other precious metals to their retirement savings.

What else can physical gold and silver do for you? Privatize your savings.

With banking and online financial systems alone, you only have paper currency and bank recipes.

Protect your savings with precious metals.