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EXCLUSIVE: A Review of the Suspect, Corrupt and/or Potentially Criminal Activities to Date in the 2022 Primaries

The 2020 Election was full of corruption, fraud, and criminal activities.  Unfortunately, much of the unethical and possibly illegal activity from the 2020 elections has not been cleaned up prior to the 2022 primary elections.

Here is an inventory of suspect, corrupt, and/or criminal activities to date in the 2022 primaries. 


In Arizona when polls opened, machines weren’t working, and some voters were unable to get a ballot right away.  In Pinal and Pima Counties, there were not enough GOP ballots.  Sharpies were put in use despite concerns from voters.  And then we saw President Trump-endorsed Kari Lake for governor fall behind in the race to a Mike Pence-backed candidate.

The governor’s race in Arizona was too close to call and it’s still not over, but looks to be a  Trump-endorsed Kari Lake win.  At one point we thought we might see another ‘Raffensperger Special’.


In Michigan’s primary last night it was reported that 50% of the envelopes that absentee ballots supposedly came in did not have the proper check that confirms that the ballot signatures were legitimate.  Also, it was reported that workers had bags under their desks right next to USPS boxes used to store ballots.

One race that was very suspect was a House race where a NeverTrumper who voted for Trump’s impeachment, Peter Meijer, was barely beaten by Trump-endorsed candidate John Gibbs.  At one point Gibbs was down.  It was odd that this was even close.

The Gateway Pundit coined the term ‘Raffensperger Special’ for candidates who won races out of nowhere.  


In Georgia TGP coined the ‘Raffensperger Special’ for candidates like Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, who reportedly won their primaries, and yet the majority of those in the state couldn’t stand the guy.


Another Raffensperger Special occured in the Secretary of State’s GOP primary.  An unknow character connected to Zuckerbucks won over a tremendously popular Gold Star mom and election integrity giant, Tina Peters.  (There is a recount in process here so let’s see what is found.)

South Carolina

Nancy Mace ran away with her re-election and yet she was opposed by President Trump endorsed candidate and the state of South Carolina.  This was labeled another Raffensperger Special.

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