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Trump At Illinois Rally: ‘Biden Is The Worst President In The History Of Our Country’ (VIDEO)

Trump held a rally in Illinois this weekend.

As usual, he did not hold back.

He had some harsh words for Biden and the Democrats. He also addressed the major rulings from the Supreme Court this week.

FOX News has details:

Former President Trump holds Save America rally in Illinois

Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to speak in a rally outside Quincy, Illinois on Saturday.

Trump will be stumping for Rep. Mary Miller in an Illinois congressional primary against fellow House Republican Rep. Rodney Davis.

Miller is a first-term representative in Illinois’ 15th Congressional District, which has been dramatically redrawn in the once-in-a-decade redistricting process. Davis, who for a decade has represented the neighboring 13th District, is running against Miller for the new, heavily red seat in the central part of the state, which contains large swaths of his current district.

Trump has endorsed Miller leading up to Tuesday’s primary which she says has been “huge” for her campaign.

Miller told Fox News, “I’m an America first supporter. I’ve been with him from the very beginning” and noted that “it’s an America first district. I’ve got a lot of grassroots support, and the Trump rally’s just building momentum.”

Here are some clips:

You can watch the whole thing below:

He still sounds like a man who is planning to run again.

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