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Nancy Pelosi blocked rational questions about the Capitol riot: GOP lawmaker

The GOP congressman reacted to the start of the Jan 6 committee hearings

Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocked the questions about the Capitol riot “that make sense” Saturday on “Unfiltered.”

BYRON DONALDS: Merrick Garland doesn’t want to answer that question [of whether FBI assets or agents were involved in the Capitol riot]. And in the House, Nancy Pelosi has blocked the questions that make sense.

Like, where did you have embedded FBI assets? Like, what happened to the intel report that FBI sent to the Capitol Police? I believe it was three or four days before Jan. 6. And the biggest question of all: What happened to the National Guard troops that Donald Trump authorized on Jan. 4? How come they were not at the Capitol or even close by on Jan. 6? 

[Democrats] can’t keep their story straight because they’re trying to create a narrative where none exists. Listen, the violence and the riots at the Capitol were real. I was there. It was shameful for the country. 

People must be held accountable, but this political conspiracy that Donald Trump wanted an insurrection — that is insane. That’s insanity. But then you’re also talking to the same political party [that] wanted everybody to believe Russia collusion. And we found out that the only collusion was from the DNC and Hillary Clinton.


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