LOL: Tucker Hilariously Shreds Cackling Kamala Harris, Dem Leadership [WATCH]

LOL: Tucker Hilariously Shreds Cackling Kamala Harris, Dem Leadership [WATCH]

As Vice President, Cackling Kamala Harris is next in line for the presidency if Joe Biden is somehow debilitated, as looks somewhat possible given not only his very evident senility, but also his obvious frailty and multiple recent Covid diagnoses.

While Democrats might think that’s good news, as at least she doesn’t have a brain that seems to be losing what few remaining cells it has by the minute, but she has her problems too.

Namely, Kamala is just horrible, with everything she says being some absurd distillation of an unpopular talking point and her charisma being at about the same level as Jerry Nadler’s.

Such is what Tucker used as a lead-in for ripping her apart during his show, hammering her for merely mouthing recycled talking points and offering nothing of value. In his words:

We don’t mean to beat up on Kamala Harris, who’s obviously our favorite for the Democratic nomination next cycle, but she is a perfect distillation of everybody in power in the Democratic Party.

“Every word that emerges from Kamala Harris’s mouth is a recycled talking point that’s been run through a banality machine to remove the slightest hint of anything interesting or challenging or relevant or meaningful.

Tucker then used that hammering of Kamala to turn his sights on the Democrat Party and its leadership, blasting them as having nothing to offer and just repeating the same tired slogan as America and her position in the world collapse around them. Making that point, Tucker said:

So, no wonder Democrats are unpopular. They have nothing to offer. They haven’t updated their files. They believe it’s 2005. You see this in foreign policy, particularly. They are living, in their heads, in a world in which the U.S. wields the world’s most powerful military, backed by the world’s strongest economy, and can do whatever it wants just by telling other people to obey.

“So, like Joe Biden, you just tell Russia, ‘Don’t invade Ukraine,’ and of course it won’t. We’re America. You just let China know that we back Taiwan and the entire 75-year-old dispute over that island will be settled forever. They really believe that. They have no idea of this country’s relative place in the world order because they don’t know anything about reality as it stands right now.

Watch Tucker sound off on Kamala here:

Hardly cheery news, though it was a very powerful critique of the Democrats and their current policies, showing why Biden is failing and why Kamala, as she ostensibly believes all the same things, would hardly prove better than the current Resident in Chief.

In any case, it wasn’t all Tucker did to mock Kamala. On a lighter, funnier note, he also played a clip of her and her husband and then joked about them, saying:

“Now what did you notice about that scene? What didn’t they do? They didn’t touch each other. This is the couple that kissed while wearing masks. And if that isn’t heartwarming to you, you are a science denier. Give it up for the first Second Gentleman, the man who kisses his wife with the mask on.”

Funny stuff from Tucker, and an awesome takedown of one of the most unbearable Democrats out there.


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