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Lifelong Democrat Says She Will Vote GOP for First Time After Her Son Was Murdered

Republicans are “the clear favorites” to retake control of the House and perhaps even the Senate in November’s midterm elections.

There’s also a major trend nationally of Democrats flipping to Republicans just months before the midterms.

Erica Ingram — a lifelong Democrat, whose 24-year-old son was shot and killed in front of their Cleveland home in 2019 — said she is strongly leaning toward voting for Republicans this election cycle.

During a segment for NBC News, Ingram spoke highly of Ohio Republican U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance, saying he best reflects her views about the current state of affairs.

“I can see him having compassion as to where the Democrats don’t have no compassion,” she said. “They’re, like, weak. They don’t fight hard enough as to where the Republicans get up there and they pull out all stops.”

“She believes Democrats are not taking spikes in crimes here, and across the country, seriously enough,” the NBC News reporter says.

In fact, Democrats continue to move so far to the Left that a new report reveals that many are switching parties and joining the GOP.

Over the past year, a new report found that more than 1.7 million voters have left the Democratic Party to join the GOP.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also facing serious political headwinds heading into November’s midterm elections. A whopping 32 Democrats have announced they will not seek re-election. The Senate will also be in place in the fall.

The switch in party affiliations came over the course of the past 12 months, as policies enacted by President Joe Biden and spending bills passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress have been roundly blamed for rampant inflation that has seen record-high average gas and diesel fuel prices, rising food and rent costs, and an enduring supply chain crisis as well as a chaotic, porous southwestern border.

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