Laura Ingraham: It’s constant humiliation for President Biden

Laura Ingraham: It’s constant humiliation for President Biden

Laura Ingraham talks about how Biden is an ’embarrassment’ for the US.

Laura Ingraham highlighted how President Biden’s term in office has been full of “disasters” and the mystery behind Hunter Biden’s painting on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAMNow, today is just another day of disasters in Biden World. It’s constant humiliation for the president himself and a total embarrassment for the United States. It’s happening so frequently that we’re almost getting numb to it. Now, first, it’s humiliating that Biden is so cringey and creepy. 

The human sniffer somehow still can’t control himself around the locks of a young lass, this time on a bike trail in Delaware. But, you see that? What is wrong with him? And if you’re going to use cheesy pejoratives when referring to your political adversaries, it may be nice to learn how to pronounce them. 

Is it MAGA, mega or, “Mommy, can I buy a vowel?” Alright. Next, Biden humiliates America with his son Hunter’s rank corruption and all that mystery money made in China. Burisma, the prostitutes, the crack. Now, they’re bad enough, but they’re frankly the least concerning of all. 

We still don’t know who’s buying Hunter’s lousy paintings that magically sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He blows them through a straw, apparently. It’s all shady. There’s no potential at all for bribes or kickbacks. Isn’t our press supposed to step in to report on these humiliating and outrageous scandals? All the way back to the campaign, they swooped in for the rescue.



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