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‘You’re f***ing with definitions’: Joe Rogan RIPS Biden admin for ‘gaslighting’ about the economy

On “The Joe Rogan Experience,” popular Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan ripped into the Biden administration for refusing to admit that the economy is in a recession.

Rogan’s guest and fellow podcaster Chris Williamson brought up how the Biden administration is saying that the economy is not in a recession after two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, which until “very, very, very recently” was the “accepted definition” of a recession.

“People would think that it’s trivial because they are talking about this economic downturn, but it’s not trivial because we’ve always used that term ‘recession’. And we’ve always used that term to define whether or not the economic policies that are currently in place, and whether or not the management and the government, has done a good job of making sure that the economy stays in a good place. They definitely haven’t done that. So in order to escape that … they’re literally changing the definition, which is terrible,” he added….

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