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See It: Kari Lake Sends a Message to Biden, DOJ With Andrew Breitbart T-Shirt After Trump Indictment: ‘WAR’

Arizona Republican Kari Lake sported a custom t-shirt depicting Andrew Breitbart’s face with the word “WAR” after former President Donald Trump announced he was indicted on Thursday.

Lake wore the shirt in Columbus, Georgia, ahead of the Georgia Republican Party’s state convention on Friday and Saturday, where Trump is expected to deliver remarks.

When Breitbart News reached her for comment about the garment bearing its founder, Lake provided a statement on Trump’s indictment and said the shirt she designed “speaks for itself.”

“In indicting President Trump, Joe Biden and his corrupt DOJ have committed an all-out assault on the rule of law,” Lake said.

The Department of Justice unsealed the 49-page indictment on Friday that “includes 38 counts of alleged crimes, along with 31 separate counts of alleged willful retention of national defense information under the Espionage Act,” as Breitbart News Senior Editor Joel Pollak and Politics Reporter Wendell Husebø noted.

“We must push back against this political persecution with everything we’ve got. If we don’t, we’ll lose our country,” she added.

The image on Lake’s shirt comes from an iconic clip in conservative meme-lore from Andrew Marcus’s 2012 documentary Hating Breitbart, where Breitbart famously states, “f*ck you. War,” while referencing mainstream media.

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