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Nolte: Non-Woke ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Crosses $600M, Tops ‘Titanic’

The non-woke Top Gun: Maverick has just crossed the $600 million mark and topped director James Cameron’s Titanic (1997) at the box office.

In its first-run release, Titanic earned $601 million domestically. Top Gun: Maverick just hit $602 million and will probably chug along to something close to $630 million before it’s all over.

Titanic has been re-released twice, in 2012 and 2017, where it picked up another $60 million for a total domestic take of $659 million. It is also due for a re-release this year for its 25th anniversary.

To be fair,  if you figure in 25 years of inflation, during its initial run, Titanic earned an incredible $1.1 billion — with a “B” — domestic, which is pretty mind-boggling.

If you really want your mind blown…. In today’s dollars, Gone with the Wind (1939) earned $3.7 billion  — again with a “B” — domestic.

Can you imagine?

Where was I?

Worldwide, Top Gun: Maverick has already earned $1.2 billion.

This is how hungry the public is for movies that are actual movies and not garbage filled with virtue signaling, lectures, homosexuality, and China butt-smooching.

The last movie to rake in this kind of cash?

Gee, what a coincidence, another non-woke pleasure called Spider-Man: No Way Home. That sucker raked in more than $800 million domestic.

How many franchises have to die before Hollywood admits this woke garbage is toxic to the box office.

And I see something bigger in the domestic receipts of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Top Gun: Maverick. I’m not taking anything away from how appealing and satisfying those movies are. Both are top-shelf commercial entertainment, as well as rewatchable. But in a normal environment where Hollywood isn’t destroying its own product with woketardery, do they gross $800 million and $600 million, respectively?

I don’t think so.

What I think happened is that the public embraced both of those blockbusters, not just because they are great movies, but because they are an oasis away from the Woke Nazis.

A good time at the movies is a such a rarity and such a pleasure that people went to see No Way Home and Top Gun again and again and again. And did so if only to remember what it was like to see a movie without having to worry about being shamed, attacked, made uncomfortable with homosexuality, and having the spell broken by these political intrusions.

In other words…

If you build it, we will come.

Again and again, we will come.

People still love the movies. That’s not the problem. The problem is that Hollywood has stopped making movies.

Left-wing propaganda is not a movie. Ask Lightyear and Star Wars about that.

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