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HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Says There’s a “Strong Chance We’ll See a Resurgence of the Virus” This Fall – Just In Time For the Midterm Elections (VIDEO)

Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra on Monday told reporters at the White House that there is a “strong chance that we’ll see a resurgence of the virus” this fall.

Just in time for the midterm elections.

“What I will tell you is that come the fall and winter – uh, most everyone who’s uh an expert on pandemics and these viruses will tell you strong chance that we’ll see a resurgence of the virus whether it’s the [Covid] variants we have now or new variants and we gotta be ready,” Becerra said.

Of course there is going to be another Covid surge.

The Democrats can only win elections if they cheat with mail-in ballots and ballot drop boxes.

The Democrats are working to flip two GOP senate seats: Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – and they will do anything to take those two seats this fall.

Joe Biden recently said the quiet part out loud during remarks to the press.

Biden said we need more money because there is going to be another pandemic.

“We need more money. We don’t just need more money for vaccines for children, we need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s gonna be another pandemic,” said Biden.

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