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Why Is the Marco Polo Group Editing Documents Found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop?

The Marco Polo Group is changing documents they claim to be from Hunter Biden’s laptop.  The documents might have originally been from the laptop, but the Marco Polo Group is editing them and now they are useless because they’ve been edited.

What sort of playground is this?

On Tuesday, TGP reported on an email from Hunter Biden that was sent to his business partner in crime, Devon Archer.  These two were on the Board of Ukraine’s oil and gas giant Burisma together.

The bulk of the email appeared to be from someone or some source other than Hunter Biden based on the information in it and the way it was written.  This email listed 22 points that looked taken from a government briefing.

We received a copy of this document from Hunter Biden’s laptop from XRVision.We received a copy of this document from Hunter Biden’s laptop from XRVision.

TGP obtained a copy of Hunter’s email found on the web at the Marco Polo website as well and shared this in our article.  However, for some reason, the date on this email was changed to April 12, 2014 at 9:43 pm.

We reported this discrepancy and today we see that the date on Marco Polo report has changed. It now shows April 13, 2014 but the time is still incorrect as it is now showing 01:43.  (The correct time as noted by XRVision above is 12:43am.)

We don’t know what else has been changed and edited from the Hunter Biden laptop to the documents described in the Marco Polo report but suffice it to say that the information in the Marco Polo report should not be used as it has been edited.  It is tainted.

The Marco Polo document cannot be used in a court of law because of this discrepancy alone.  

Last night a series of tweets discussed this issue as warnings were given to whoever wanted to use the Marco Polo data from Hunter’s laptop.  This first tweet indicated that Garrett Ziegler was behind the falsified data at the Marco Polo Group.

When some unknown user at a Twitter account challenged those saying the Marco Polo data was falsified, a response showed evidence of this report above with edits date and time stamps.

Clearly, this information from the Marco Polo Group should not be considered taint-free.  This is understandable that the Bidens or their partners in crime would want to alter the Hunter Biden laptop data in an effort to destroy the truth.  They just don’t understand that the truth will set you free.

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