“We Know When People are Bullshitting Us”

“We Know When People are Bullshitting Us”

44% of voters “think the federal government is controlled by a secret cabal.”

 By Party: 53% of Republicans, 41% of Independents, and 37% of Democrats agree

From the article:

Icke promotes, “’many baseless and false conspiracy theories and claims about the Great Reset, COVID-19 or the invasion of Ukraine,’ [and] regularly promoted far-right politics and conspiracy ideologies, and regularly referred to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as a dictator.”

So he banned him from the country? Sounds like what a dictator would do…

Reality Check: much of the “misinformation” about COVID, the Great Reset, and Ukraine turned out to be true. And the official narrative has proven to be DISinformation on many occasions.

  • Time Machine: Weimar Germany outlawed “hateful speech” to try to stop the Nazis. When the Nazis took power regardless, they used the censorship powers to control the narrative.

Flashing Warning: They’re losing control of the narrative…

A Hispanic owned restaurant in South Phoenix, Arizona used to be an unofficial democrat headquarters:

  • ​​Now the owner says: “Our community, we may not be educated at the highest levels, but we have a lot of street smarts. We know when people are bullshitting us. You know what they say to Democrats now? ‘Es pura cábula.’ Bunch of bullshit.”
  • Miami-Dade, which went to Hillary by 29% points in 2016 now in play for Republicans
  • The bottom line: People are sick of constantly being “spun” to. “We know when people are bullshitting us.”

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