Trump Tells Americans to Brace for ‘A Lot Worse’ Than Recession, Says Only One Thing Can Fix It

Trump Tells Americans to Brace for ‘A Lot Worse’ Than Recession, Says Only One Thing Can Fix It

Two things were made abundantly clear at Saturday’s CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference)  

1) Former President Donald Trump is the frontrunner for GOP potentials in 2024 and  

2) Trump believes the “recession” will become much worse under Biden’s leadership and “only one thing can stop it.”

While speaking at the Dallas Texas CPAC conference on Saturday, Trump sounded the alarm—noting that President Joe Biden was destroying the country.

“Our country is being shot. It’s being destroyed,” Trump declared in his speech. 

Casting a spotlight on the positive economic and sourthern border stats associated with his presidency, Trump took responsibility for “creating the most secure border in American history, record tax and regulation cuts, $1.87 gasoline, no inflation, low-interest rates, record growth in real wages, record growth in our economy.”

In sharp contrast, Trump painted Biden as a failure on several fronts, noting that inflation was 1.4 when he left the White House and is more than 9% now, representing a loss of approximately $7000 for most American families.

Trump hammered the point:

“After the pandemic, we handed the radical Democrats the fastest economic recovery ever recorded, the history of our country. They’ve turned that into two straight quarters of negative economic growth, also known, despite their protestation to the contrary, as a recession.”

Rather than recognizing that America has entered into a recession (widely defined as experiencing two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth), the Biden administration is seeking to redefine the term recession. But Americans are feeling the impact—particularly middle America—and are not fooled by the DNC semantics games.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and others in the Biden administration argue that America is not in a recession because the labor market “remains tight, with unemployment at 3.5 percent and, at 10.7 million, the number of job openings exceeds the 6+ million unemployed,” according to The Epoch Times. 

Trump closed his CPAC speech by warning that the recession could spiral into something “a lot worse without a significant course correction:”

“Just hope that the recession doesn’t turn into a depression, because the way they’re doing things, it could be a lot worse than a recession…”

At a recent rally in Arizona, Trump said, “We got to get this act in order, we have to get this country going, or we’re going to have a serious problem…we’re going to have a much bigger problem than recession. We’ll have a depression.”

On Saturday Trump said, “The future of our country is at stake. We don’t have time to wait years and years. We won’t have a country left. What I used to say about Venezuela is true. We have to save the economy, defeat the Biden, Pelosi, Schumer tax hike, which is happening right now tonight.” 

Notably, soon after the rally, Biden’s $740 billion “Inflation Reduction Act” (which several hundred economists have warned will increase inflation) was passed in the Senate along Party lines.      

Trump made clear what he believes the best path forward is for America:

“We have to win an earth-shattering victory in 2022. We have to do it, coming up in November. This election needs to be a national referendum on the horrendous catastrophes the radical Democrats have inflicted on our country,” Trump said.

“The Republican party needs to campaign on a clear pledge that, if they are given power, they’re going to fight with everything they have to shut down the border, stop the crime wave, beat inflation, and hold the Biden administration accountable. They have to hold it accountable. Job number one for the next Congress.”

The national midterm election is scheduled for Nov. 8. 34 Senate seats and all 435 House seats hang in the balance.


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