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The Number of GOP Seats in the House Is Dwindling? Will the Dems Steal the House Too?

The US House race is not over.  

The world is watching in amazement as corrupt election directors and politicians across the country can’t seem to finalize the results of an election three days ago.  Texas and Florida can complete their election results on the night of the election, but other states are days away, if not weeks.

The 2022 Election was supposed to be a route for the GOP.  Biden and his gang of America-destroying communists are not liked.  They are even hated for their actions in Afghanistan, with inflation economic policies and the Jan 6 commission.

On Monday, the night before the election Real Clear Politics, which leans left because of its use of left-leaning polls, had the GOP winning 227 seats with a good chance at the remaining seats.

Now this morning CNN shows the current House races as follows. 211 seats right now for the GOP.

Where is the GOP leadership as the Democrats slowly steal the US House?  

Why are we not hearing GOP leadership from Arizona standing up for the candidates who are still in the race?

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