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Ted Cruz Gets FBI Director to Make ‘Astonishing’ Admission About Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Investigation

FBI Director Christopher Wray admitted Thursday the FBI agent in-charge of the Washington, D.C., field office is the same agent who was in charge of the Detroit field office when the FBI allegedly uncovered a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D).

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) pressed Wray over whether the same FBI agent who was in charge during the Whitmer incident is now in charge of the Jan. 6 investigations.

The alleged plot by far-right militia members to kidnap Whitmer has tarnished the FBI because many of the defendants essentially accuse the FBI of entrapment. To date, none of the defendants in the case have been convicted of any crime. Some have been acquitted at trial, while others are awaiting a new trial after a mistrial.

“The special agent in charge of that case has now been sent to D.C. to the Washington, D.C., office and now leads the investigation regarding January 6. Is that correct? Cruz asked.

“The name of the individual is Steven D’Antuono. He was run out of the FBI Detroit field office,” Cruz added.

After back-and-forth about another matter — regarding a lead FBI agent involved in the Whitmer investigation who was fired last year after he allegedly assaulted his wife — Wray answered Cruz’s question.

“To clarify the first part of your question, Mr. D’Antuono was the special agent in charge of the Detroit field office and is now the assistant director in charge of the Washington field office,” Wray explained.

“So the guy in charge got promoted and is now in charge of the January 6 investigation?” Cruz followed up.

“The guy in charge of the whole Detroit field office is now in charge of the whole Washington field office,” Wray clarified.

“That is astonishing,” Cruz shot back.

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