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Scandalous!!! This Top House Democrat is Being Accused of Being Involved in Bribery!!

A leading House Democrat is facing an ethics investigation after consenting to do a fundraiser with 2 lobbyists connected to a campaign to unseat owner of the Washington Commanders, Dan Snyder. The American Accountability Foundation claims Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill., may have broken House ethics rules by attending a lobbying duo’s fundraiser. Tom Manatos ran a website containing critical content against Snyder.

“It’s clear that Rep. Krishnamoorthi, members of his staff, and perhaps others, violated House ethics rules and the federal bribery statute by raising — and agreeing to accept — campaign donations in exchange for using the power of the Oversight Committee to investigate and permanently damage the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins at the behest of wealthy lobbyists with an ax to grind against their local sports franchise,” said Tom Jones, the head of the American Accountability Base.

On Friday, the group issued a letter to the House Ethics Committee requesting an investigation into the congressman’s behavior. The Committee says Krishnamoorthi may have broken House ethics rules and federal bribery statutes. 

Previously, Krishnamoorthi led the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s investigation of Snyder and the Commanders. The House ethics rules ban receiving gifts or campaign contributions related to government business. Mike Manatos said the fundraiser was a chance to share the team’s findings on Snyder with Krishnamoorthi. 

“The one person in Washington who may have found a path to getting rid of Snyder [as the team’s owner] is my good friend and Chairman of the House Oversight Subcommittee, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi,” Mike Manatos stated. “Tom and I hope you can join us on May 10 to discuss Raja’s efforts.” 

However, the fundraiser timing complicates everything. Krishnamoorthi filed a 20-page letter to the FTC weeks before demanding a probe into Washington football franchise season ticket holders and the NFL. Krishnamoorthi stated he was unaware of the effort of the Manatos with the fundraiser. Thus, the lawmaker canceled the fundraiser. 

Concerns continue concerning Krishnamoorthi’s role in the fundraising. 

An invite sent with Manatos’ email names two Strathdee Group employees as RSVPs. As the FEC records show, Krishnamoorthi pays $5,000 monthly for fundraising consultation. The American Accountability Foundation stated the conflict of interest needs inquiry. 

The language in the invitation linking a fundraiser to Rep. Krishnamoorthi’s role in the investigation of the team is evidence of a corrupt quid pro quo to cause damage to the team and its leadership,” said Jones. By postponing the event, Rep. Krishnamoorthi disclosed his guilty conscience and highlighted his House and federal law violations. 

House Democrats began probing the Commanders and Snyder last autumn after the NFL failed to disclose a formal report of its workplace investigation. Following that, the House Democrats have got hundreds of documents from the league and franchise. 

Snyder also faces a case of improper touching shen a former colleague said Snyder improperly stroked her thigh at a business dinner. Snyder denies the allegations and the NFL is investigating separately. Snyder spoke for 11 hours this week before the Oversight Committee.

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