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President Trump’s Message on 4th of July: Biden’s Massive Failures Would Not Have Occurred Under Trump Presidency

Over the past year since the 2020 Inauguration of Joe Biden where no one showed up but Deep State actors and DC politicians, America has been systematically destroyed by the Biden regime.  This July 4th, President Trump shared his thoughts about the state of this union in a short ‘Truth.’ 

We have seen Joe Biden look and act like he has no idea where he is or who he is with.

Biden has notecards telling him the simplest things that he carries into his meetings.  It is embarrassing to see what is on the cards.  No wonder Americans wonder who is really leading this country.

Along with questions about who is really running and destroying this country other than Biden, the results of this Administration are pathetic and the worst in US history.  Biden couldn’t try to do any worse than he is doing right now.

President Trump pointed this out in a 4th of July message:

I know it’s not looking good for our Country right now, with a major War raging out of control in Europe, the Highest Inflation in memory, the worst 6 month Stock Market start in History, the highest Energy Prices EVER, and that is the Good News.  Happy Fourth of July!!! ((Don’t worry, We will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and remember, none of these terrible events would have happened if I were President!!!))

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