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Pelosi *Accidentally* Trashes Democrat Governors For Their Lockdowns, Reveals What Dems Have in Store Next (VIDEO)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Friday *accidentally* trashed Democrat governors in a rant on abortion from the House floor.

The Democrats always project what *they do* onto the Republicans.

Joe Biden, Democrat governors and far-left mayors restricted Americans by imposing Covid mandates and Covid vaccine mandates.

Democrats destroyed restaurants, forced people to get jabbed in order to keep their jobs, restricted movement, and treated unvaccinated Americans like criminals.

Pelosi *accidentally* trashed her Democrat cohorts and then revealed what the Democrats have in store for us if they retain power.

“What do Republicans have in store next?” Pelosi said.

“You can’t travel to buy a book? You can’t travel to see a concert or a play if it doesn’t meet their shall we say — *long sigh* — I’m not even gonna use the word standards. Their what?” Pelosi said describing exactly what the Democrats did during Covid lockdowns.

This is next-level gaslighting.


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