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North Carolina GOP Votes to Censure Sen. Thom Tillis for Straying From Party Platform

The North Carolina Republican Party voted to censure Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) during its annual GOP convention, accusing the state’s senior senator of violating the party’s platform on a number of key issues.

Republican officials approved the motion on Saturday, which simply stated that Tillis had committed “blatant violations of our party platform.” The motion did not specify what actions had constituted the violations.

“Senator Tillis keeps his promises and delivers results,” Daniel Keylin, a spokesperson for the senator, told the Washington Examiner.

“He will never apologize for his work passing the largest tax cut in history, introducing legislation to secure the border and end sanctuary cities, delivering desperately-needed funding to strengthen school safety, and protecting the rights of churches to worship freely based on their belief in traditional marriage.”

A censure vote does not remove the lawmaker from office, nor does it hold any real punishment. Rather, the move is a symbolic vote to express dissatisfaction toward a lawmaker over their voting record or personal conduct.

The vote took place behind closed doors at the state party’s annual convention.