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New Biden Regulations are Putting American Travelers at Risk and Forcing Thousands of Flights to be Canceled (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night Tucker Carlson explained how Joe Biden’s regulations are causing hundreds of flights to be canceled or delayed across the US.

Last week the FAA notified all air traffic employees that people who haven’t had the vax, the COVID vaccine that doesn’t work, they have to wear masks on the job.

And, once again, this has nothing to do with ‘the science.’ This is just another of the tyrannical actions the government bureaucrats came up with to punish fellow Americans who do not believe their nonsense.

As Tucker explained, this affected about 4,000 of the 15,000 total air traffic controllers in the US today.

The situation in Jacksonville, Florida was so bad last week they diverted planes from the international airport.

Tucker went on to add how the effects of this demand was to wreck air traffic in the United States today.

And now the air traffic controllers are working several extra hours to make up for the missing operators.

So now Joe Biden and the regime are putting flyers in danger and ruining air travel in America.

It’s like they are destroying the country on purpose?


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