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Nearly three-quarters of voters say Biden should not run again in 2024: Poll

A major national poll shows voters overwhelmingly opposed to a second presidential run by Joe Biden, with not even one-quarter supporting the incumbent president in a potential second attempt at the White House.

Harvard CAPS–Harris’s June poll shows 71 percent of voters agreeing that “Biden should not run for a second term,” with nearly half of those individuals claiming that he’s a “bad president.”

Nearly one-third, meanwhile, cite Biden’s age as the deciding factor. 

The dismal showing for Biden comes as his general favorability numbers continue to decline sharply: In the Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, for instance, while voter approval of his handling of the economy hovered around 60 percent when he first took office it has now declined to nearly 30 percent. 

Nearly 75 percent of voters, meanwhile, argue that the U.S. economy is on “the wrong track,” while a similar number of voters believe the U.S. economy is “weak.”

Roughly six-in-10 voters, meanwhile, claim their financial situation is “getting worse,” a number that began rising just a few months after Biden took office. 

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