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MSNBC’s Deutsch: GOP Running Evil, Dark, Anti-Semitic, Racist Candidates

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano (R) and Ohio U.S. Senate candidate JD Vance (R) are examples of ” evil, dark, anti-semitic, racist people running for major offices.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “It’s clear that on the right, there’s space for anti-Semitism and racism. This seems to have at least caught Mastriano’s attention, but it’s not clear that there’s a price to be paid, and that is the sickness that sometimes we don’t get at in these conversations.”

Deutsch said, “Yeah, these are evil, dark, anti-semitic, racist people running for major offices. I go back to your previous segment or a couple of segments ago where the Lincoln Project ad referencing JD Vance, talking about that women abused in violence should stay in marriage. This is crazy, off-the-rails stuff. What’s interesting is Josh Shapiro is ahead by only ten points. Yes, he’s ahead by ten points, but I say only ten points against a Christian white nationalist, a man that preaches hate, that preaches anti-Semitism, that preaches racism, and yet still 40% of the voting populace in Pennsylvania think that’s okay.”

He added, “The silver lining in all of this, and I have said this before, is that Democrats have to use this. They have to tar every Republican with it. Ask Governor DeSantis what does he think of this? Ask JD Vance what does he think of this? Ask Herschel Walker what does he think of this? Stamp the entire Republican Party as fans of this white Christian Nationalism because that’s what they are. Pin them down. Make them condemn it. It took Mastriano three weeks to come out and say, ‘Oh, I don’t believe in anti-semitism,’ which we know how thin that is. I’ve said this on the show before, brand the entire Republican Party with this level of heinousness, hate, and craziness.”

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