Massive Uber Leak Documents Shady Business Practices, Lobbying of Joe Biden

Massive Uber Leak Documents Shady Business Practices, Lobbying of Joe Biden

124,000 confidential internal documents from ridesharing giant Uber were recently leaked to The Guardian, revealing that the company attempted to lobby Joe Biden and other world leaders while also hiding information from law enforcement and purposefully putting drivers at risk.

The Guardian recently revealed that it has gained access to a trove of over 124,000 confidential internal documents from the ride-sharing company Uber. The documents outline the ethically questionable practices of the ridesharing company that made it one of the most famous Silicon Valley companies of the last decade.

The leak includes information between 2013 and 2017 when the company was run by cofounder Travis Kalanick. At the time, Uber was attempting to force its way into cities and taxi markets around the world, even if it meant breaching laws and regulations to do so.

As the company faced major pushback, it began to lobby prime ministers, presidents, billionaires, oligarchs, and media barons for support. Leaked messages appear to show company executives were well aware that their actions violated various laws and regulations, with one joking that they have become “pirates” and another stating “we’re just fucking illegal.”

The internal data includes more than 83,000 emails, iMessage, and WhatsApp messages, including communications between Kalanick and his top executives. In one message, Kalanick dismissed concerns over sending Uber drivers to a protest in France which could put them at risk of violence from opponents in the taxi industry. “I think it’s worth it,” Kalanick said. “Violence guarantee[s] success.”


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