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Joe Biden Mispronounces Name of Asian Civil Rights Activist During Bill Signing (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Monday delivered remarks as he signed a bill to establish a commission to study the creation of a National Museum of Asian American history.

Biden was joined by Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat lawmakers.

Joe Biden jumbled the name of Asian civil rights activist Karen Narasaki.

Biden referred to her as Karen “Nagasaki.”

“Leaders in civil rights like Karen Nagasaki and Karen Korematsu — where are the Karens?” a clueless Joe Biden said looking around.

Imagine the headlines if Trump messed up the name of an Asian civil rights activist.

Joe Biden’s mental faculties are no more.

On Sunday, Joe Biden told reporters that he hadn’t decided whether to visit Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil before saying he was indeed planning a trip there seconds later.

“Have you decided whether or not to go to Saudi Arabia,” a reporter asks Biden.

“No, not yet,” Biden replies on camera.

Moments later, Biden said that he was going.

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