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“If You Got Me Into That, You’d Probably Have a Nice Video of Me Crying” – Exclusive: Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine, the Bidens, and the Politicized DOJ with TGP’s Jim and Joe Hoft (Video)

On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit was thrilled to interview American icon, Rudy Giuliani.

For over a half hour Rudy Giuliani discussed the details of his investigation into the Biden Family and their years of criminal activity in Ukraine. Rudy was later harassed and slandered by the media for his disclosures only to be later exonerated as the truth of the corruption of the Biden family came to light.

It was also Rudy Giuliani who exposed the Hunter Biden laptop to the world. This was yet another major story that the mainstream liberal media initially lied about and hid from the American public but now finally admits legitimate and accurate.

Rudy Giuliani is a man of integrity. When he is challenged by his leftist detractors he lets time prove him right.

During our discussion Rudy talked about his history with Joe Biden,

“I didn’t know that Biden had a career of raking in a lot of money. I knew Biden for 30 years. I knew him to be a relatively nice guy, a complete dope. I used to joke around and say he’s not only the dopiest man in the Senate, he’s probably one of the dopiest men, period… But I never thought of him as a crook. So this kind of stunned me. They said, of course, they know he’s very open to taking bribes.”

Rudy then goes on to tell the details of his investigation into the Biden crime family and their actions in Ukraine.

Rudy told us he was shocked that the FBI never went after Joe Biden when they had the evidence of his many crimes.

We asked Rudy what he thinks about the politicized Department of Justice. His response was heartbreaking,

“Oh, my gosh. If you got me into that, you probably would have a nice video of me crying.”

It was an absolute thrill to have time with Rudy Giuliani today.

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