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Hillary Attorney Marc Elias Joins Katie Hobbs in AZ and Threatens to Sue County for Not Certifying (Uncertifiable) Results

Hillary’s attorney Marc Elias has joined forces with the corrupt Secretary of State running for Governor, Katie Hobbs.  

The Arizona 2020 and 2022 elections are uncertifiable.  The number of issues and obvious corruption involved in these elections is insurmountable to certify a valid election.  In 2020, the election was certified by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs who now in 2022 is running for governor.

Hobbs is unattractive.  She speaks with a little girl voice.  She’s hated by millions in the state for her actions in certifying the uncertifiable 2020 Election.  All in all, there is not much to like about Hobbs.

Now Hobbs after stealing the election in Arizona, as witnessed by the entire country on Election Day, is in a hurry to certify herself for governor.

The problem for Hobbs is that the leaders in Conchise County don’t feel like they can in good judgment certify the uncertifiable results in their county.

They have written Hobbs and attempted to discuss their concerns but according to the letter below, Hobbs is not meeting their requests for information that would provide them with comfort that they are in compliance with election law.

Below is the cover letter to Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs from the Conchise County Board of Supervisors expressing their dissatisfaction with Hobbs and her office in not responding or providing the information necessary to give the county comfort that the elections are working as intended in the county.

Below are pages 2 – 4 of the Conchise County Board of Supervisors letter to Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.  According to the letter, Hobbs is unable to provide legally required documentation that the machines used in the 2022 Election in the county are properly certified.

In response to all this, Hobbs brought in Hillary’s attorney Marc Elias.  He was all over the country in 2020 coercing states to all for drop boxes for ballots.  These were later determined to be unconstitutional in states like Wisconson.

Below is the threatening letter from the Marc Elias law firm threatening Conchise County with a lawsuit if they do not certify their results (essentially for Katie Hobbs).  The letter offers no remedy for the voting machines that are not certified but were used in the election.

The results in Arizona are not certifiable.  Certifying them will make Hobbs and Elias happy but will go against the law since the machines used in the election are not certified by entities that were properly accredited.

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