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Guy Reffitt Sentenced to 7 Years and 3 Months For Protesting Outside Capitol on January 6th. Prosecution’s Request for Terrorism “Upwards Departure” Denied! HIS SON JACKSON ASKED FOR MAXIMUM SENTENCE FOR HIS DAD IN LETTER TO COURT!

U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich sentenced Guy Reffitt to serve 87 months in prison, to be followed by 3 years of supervised release. Dabney warned Reffitt if he violates terms he will go back to prison for up to the maximum term. This was the minimum sentence under sentencing guidelines of 87-108 months.

Reffitt will serve the longest prison term handed down to date to any defendant connected to January 6th.

Please help Guy Reffitt pay for an Appeals attorney HERE. Hopefully by that time the country will be in a better place to judge this man.

The “good” news and win here is the Judge did not apply the “Upwards Departure for Terrorism” to Reffitt’s sentence, which would add many more years to his sentence recommendation. This was pushed by the shameless Department of Injustice prosecutors who were hoping to find a way to legally label January 6th defendants as “Terrorists”. The prosecutors hope to discourage all J6 defendants from going to trial, and scare them into cooperating and taking a plea by terrorizing them with the possibility of a “Terrorism Upwards Departure” at Sentencing if found guilty.

“This is the only case where the government has asked for the terrorism enhancement, and this is the only case where the defendant has gone to trial,” said Reffitt’s attorney Clint Broden in the courtroom. “I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure that out.”

“What concerns the court is… his decision to go to trial should not result in a dramatically different sentence from those who took plea deals,” said the Trump appointed Judge in one of her actual fair remarks. This statement is a win for other defendants awaiting trial, but on the flip side the Judge still handed down the longest sentence yet to a NON-VIOLENT OFFENDER who did NOT ENTER THE CAPITOL and the first to be sentenced that went to trial.

Reffitt’s Attorney Clinton Broden had argued for a downwards variance of 24 months. When we spoke to Reffitt over the weekend he was heavily hoping for this and desperately clinging to the thought of being with his family again soon. Today, he found out it will still be about another 6 years (after subtracting time already served) when he can finally return to his home, wife and children in Texas.

Please help Guy Reffitt pay for an Appeals attorney HERE.

Although Reffitt did not enter the Capitol or attack police, what buried him was his “Hyperbolic and Rhetorical Statements”, which are CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED FREE SPEECH. This is a fact that the country has been brainwashed and “retrained” out of understanding throughout the duration of the January 6th Propaganda Hearings and the mainstream media’s demonization of January 6th.

Furthermore, many of Reffitt’s “hyperbolic statements” used against him in court were made in his own home on medications as he was being secretly tape recorded by his teenage son Jackson (who turned him over to the FBI and acted as star witness for the prosecution).

Prosecutor Risa Berkower read a short letter written by Jackson Reffitt, Guy’s son, to the courtroom. In it, THE TEENAGER ASKED THE JUDGE GIVE HIS DAD THE MAXIMUM SENTENCE. He said his father has “slowly lost himself over the years”, “fallen into a horrible community to find a place in this life.”, and asked for “mental health treatment to be part of his father’s sentence”.

In the end, the Judge somewhat succumbed to the prosecution, and dutifully handed Reffitt the longest sentence yet for a January 6th protester.

Please help Guy Reffitt pay for an Appeals attorney HERE.

“She could have made a statement and said ‘enough is enough’, and given him time served”, said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “She had the power to do so. Yet she chose to send this poor man packing to a Federal Penitentiary for seven plus years. She knows the punishment does not fit the crime but in the end has to comply somewhat with the Regime.”

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