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FBI Director Wray Claims Bureau will “Aggressively” Pursue Hunter Biden Laptop Investigation – Refuses to Say if FBI Has the Laptop From Hell! (VIDEO)

FBI Director Chris Wray on Thursday testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Director Wray on Thursday told Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) that he expects the FBI to “aggressively” pursue the Hunter Biden laptop from hell investigation.

Christopher Wray refused to say if the FBI actually has Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The FBI took possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop nearly 3 years ago and the Justice Department still has not charged Hunter with any crimes despite countless emails revealing an intricate web involving the Biden Crime family’s ties to the Ukraine, Russia and the Chinese Communist Party.

Senator Blackburn said there is a two-tiered justice system in the US.

“One for people that are favored and one for ordinary Americans,” the Republican senator said.

The Tennessee Republican then asked Wray whether he thought Hunter Biden’s laptop was part of a ‘Russian disinformation’ campaign.

“You’re asking about an ongoing investigation that I expect our folks to pursue aggressively and I just can’t comment on,” Wray said.

Blackburn asked Wray if the FBI has Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.

“Again, I can’t discuss that, an ongoing investigation,” Wray said.


Recall, The Gateway Pundit obtained contents from Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 and exclusively reported on Hunter’s numerous crimes from trafficking cocaine to paying for prostitutes to committing gun-related crimes.

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