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Dirtbag Alert… AG Garland Threatens Americans Who Attack “Integrity of FBI” — Basically Admits THEY GOT NOTHING in the Raid (VIDEO)

Attorney General Merrick Garland delivered remarks at 2:30 3:04 PM Eastern on the unprecedented raid on President Donald Trump’s home.

Garland has not commented on the raid up to this point.

On Monday at least 30 FBI agents and 3 DOJ officials raided Mar-a-Lago in their continued fishing expedition to manufacture a crime against the 45th President.

Garland today basically admitted they have nothing on President Trump. He could not identify ANYTHING the president did that was illegal.

This confirms that the 9 hour raid on President Trump’s home was a fishing expedition — or they were after documents that indict the FBI.

Merrick Garland today promised he will not stand by as Americans verbally attack the Stasi-FBI.

AG Merrick Garland: “I will not stand by silently when integrity of DOJ and FBI is unfairly attacked.”

Spoken like a true communist.

God help us.

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