Dem. Senator Blasted as ‘Radical’ After His Wife Recorded Apparently Mocking Inflation Reduction Act Name

Dem. Senator Blasted as ‘Radical’ After His Wife Recorded Apparently Mocking Inflation Reduction Act Name

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) is being blasted as a “radical” by his opponent after his wife was recorded talking to two undercover journalists about how Democrats shouldn’t talk about the true intentions behind the Inflation Reduction Act and how to “quietly” defund the police. 

Susan Daggett, a law professor at the University of Denver, is at the center of a video released on Monday by Accuracy in Media, claiming that “the most successful efforts in Washington, D.C., are the ones that you never see on the front page of the paper.”

At one point in the video, the journalists comment about democrats disguising a health and climate bill as the Inflation Reduction Act, which Daggett agrees with while laughing. 

“Like, so many great things happened in that bill,” the male journalist said in the video. “Right, don’t talk about it,” Daggett replied. “Just–just–yeah.”

Daggett also claimed earlier in the video that Democrats would have an easier time passing the radical aspects of their agenda if they would keep quiet about it.

“We’re talking about it for a half a second and let the temperatures come down, and then quietly allocate some funding to mental health, right, and to interventions that can help and maybe not call it police reform,” she said about defunding the police. “There’s just strategic ways to do it that would be just as effective but, you know, not raise the flag.”

Daggett is also heard saying she hopes President Biden does not run again in 2024 before later adding that it would “depend a lot on what the dynamics are.”

Republican Joe O’Dea, who is running to unseat Bennet, blasted him and his wife as “radicals.”

“It’s that quiet part out loud now,” campaign manager Zack Roday told Fox News Digital in an interview. “Even on the Inflation Reduction Act, flat out admitting that that wasn’t the intent of the legislation and laughing about the title of it. The media and the Democrats called it that until the moment it was passed, and then it became a climate bill, and that’s exactly what Michael Bennet did in terms of how he talked about it.”

“And it’s just it’s so disappointing because this is exactly what so many fear about radical leadership under the Biden-Bennet agenda,” he added. “It’s that they’re truly trying to pull a fast one on the American people. She admits what, in fact, the agenda has been for the last two years.”

The Bennet campaign, meanwhile, claimed that the tactics used by the undercover Accuracy in Media journalists was “despicable ambush theater.”

“This isn’t journalism, it’s despicable ambush theater,” Bennet campaign manager Justin Lamorte said in a statement. “It’s disgusting that Joe O’Dea and his campaign are endorsing this tactic. Taking aim at a candidate’s wife is straight out of the Donald Trump playbook.”

Bennet’s campaign claimed that the journalists secretly taped Daggett under false pretenses and selectively edited the video. The campaign said the two unnamed people, one claiming to be a graduate student at the same university where Daggett works, claimed to be canvassing the Bennet home when they filmed the video. 

Roday also commented on the defund the police portion of the clip and said, “One of the biggest solutions to reducing crime is more cops.”

“We need to champion them,” he said. “We need to give them the funding they need, and that’s part of the reason that the Democrats are going to fall on November 8th tomorrow is because they’re just out of touch.”

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