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Dem Poll Worker Ousted for Pre-Selecting Democratic Candidates, Pressuring Voters: Report

This is an excerpt from The Daily Wire.

Indiana election officials removed a Democrat poll worker last week for allegedly pre-selecting Democratic candidates and pressuring citizens to vote for specific candidates.

Beth Sheller, an election administrator for Hamilton County, told Fox News Digital that an inspector report allegedly identified two separate incidents at a polling location in Carmel, Indiana. The incidents may constitute electioneering and election interference by a poll worker named James Zheng.

Zheng has been accused of telling black voters “… not to vote for the racist candidates outside,” according to Chalkboard Review, where officials first identified the accused poll worker.

According to the report, the first incident happened on Thursday evening after the poll worker told a pair of black voters not to vote for pro-parent school board candidates, alleging they were “racist” after encountering a group of education activists outside the polling station.

After casting their ballots, the pair of voters explained their interaction with the poll worker to the activists, who then approached the worker about the issue.

The second incident involved potential election interference, according to the inspector report.

Chalkboard Review reports Sheller confirmed that Zheng allegedly pre-selected a straight-Democrat ticket for a voter under the guise of “explaining the voting machines.”

Several voters accused Zheng to their local election judges of using the same tactic on their ballots, some of whom “didn’t know how to change it back.”

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