“Declaring War on the Court”: Jean-Pierre Confirms Biden’s Fiery Rhetoric about SCOTUS

“Declaring War on the Court”: Jean-Pierre Confirms Biden’s Fiery Rhetoric about SCOTUS

In a recent speech on his executive order to federalize protections of abortion in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, Biden effectively attacked the legitimacy of the court.

In one part of the speech, for example, he described the Dobbs decision as a “terrible, extreme, and, I think, so totally wrongheaded decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.” In another part, he claimed “The truth is today’s Supreme Court majority that is playing fast and loose with the facts.” In still another he said “So, what we’re witnessing wasn’t a constitutional judgment. It was an exercise in raw political power.

And all that came alongside his executive order, which was more or less in direct conflict with the court’s opinion.

So in making those remarks and signing that order, Biden was directly attacking the Supreme Court, at least in the eyes of many Americans.

And so Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s new press secretary, was asked about that fiery, escalatory rhetoric during yesterday’s press conference, with a reporter asking:

In many ways, the President’s rhetoric today was almost declaring war on the Court. He talked about galvanizing women voters, especially, to act.

“But he said some things that are kind of unusual for a president who is an institutionalist, when you’re talking about a co-equal branch of government.

“Is it the President’s view that the Court is not apolitical any longer? Is it his view that it is, in fact, motivated by politics in all matters or just the Dobbs decision?

Responding, Jean-Pierre confirmed what Biden said rather than trying to tone down his statement much, saying:

Well, I’ll say this: The President respects the institution. He respects the Court. What he doesn’t — what he believes was unconstitutional, and spoke to this — to this this morning — to this morning and also prior, is their decision. He believes the decision that this Court has made is extreme and it is beyond the pale.

We are talking about, as you know, you know, a constitutional right that was around for almost 50 years. And so, when you think about that — when you think about what was done two weeks ago, the President wants to speak very clearly and loudly about what we saw and how this will have an effect, as we know, on women’s rights and women’s freedom. And beyond that — it’s going to go beyond that when you think about privacy, when you think about contraception, when you think what else that — what else extreme Republicans — Republicans that he has called the “Ultra” — the “Ultra-MAGA” of the Republican wing is planning to do.

But the reality is: In order to have pro-choice senators, pro-choice House members, we have to make sure that folks have their voices heard at the ballot box. And that is what he’s going to continue to call on to make sure that they exercise their rights as well.

In other words, Biden respects the court so long as it makes decisions he agrees with, but when conservative justices make “Ultra MAGA” decisions instead of tamely going along with the demands of the radical left, then that’s when he gets upset and no longer respects the court. Ridiculous.


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