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Crazy Angry Liz Cheney Exposes Her Perverted and Dark Bias – Says President Trump Is a “Domestic Threat” Who Is “Dangerous and Irrational”

Liz Cheney is a very sick and angry woman.  She has a vendetta toward President Trump that comes from her bowels.  She hates the great President and is doing everything in her power to destroy him. 

Cheney is on the unconstitutional, tainted, one-sided and corrupt Jan 6 Committee.  This group of disgusting DC politicians is the face of politics today in the US.  They act like elitist spoiled children who want their way.  Cheney is the face of this committee.

Most of America knows that this committee was created to do one thing, and that is to punish President Trump and prevent him from running for office in 2024.  These corrupt politicians harass the President for doing nothing wrong, imprison unfortunate patriots who protested the stolen election of 2020 and ignore the facts behind the stolen election.

Now Liz Cheney shows her bias.  She should never be on any committee involving President Trump.   Take a look at her campaign message to Wyoming.

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