Al Sharpton Says Bible Endorses Killing Babies in Abortion (VIDEO)

Al Sharpton Says Bible Endorses Killing Babies in Abortion (VIDEO)

Rev. Al Sharpton argued this week that the Bible endorses abortion because the Bible is about choice.

Rev Al: “The Bible, if you’re using this as a religious argument, the Bible is about choice.

Murder is about choice too, but that doesn’t mean the Bible condones it.

It’s not clear which Bible Rev. Al Sharpton is referring to but it’s not the Christian Bible.

Life News reported:

President of National Action Network and MSNBC PoliticsNation host Al Sharpton joined Chris Jansing Reports on Thursday to discuss abortion and religion. Sharpton didn’t understand how one could be a good Christian and be pro-life because, according to him, “the Bible is about choice.”

Jansing led Sharpton with some polling data, “there was a Gallup poll back, I think it was the fall of 2020 showing the black committee has slowly become more accepting of abortion over the past couple of decades, but there are deeply held religious beliefs playing into this, especially with older black voters who are incredibly reliable and incredibly important to Democrats. So, how should Democrats be thinking about this? Because obviously they want and need to hold onto those voters.”


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